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Have started thinking about some ideas, even thou I’m not sure what route to go as yet, starting to think I might do a made up film poster…..  Thinking maybe a kids film….. have a catch phase bouncing around my head atm, but need to look more into seeing if I can do what I want to be able to do to pull it off

Reasons for this is I think I will be able to play a little more with the poster, not sold on the idea as yet thou, need to read more of the ‘In Class’ book to see if I can do what I think I need to be able to do……

Not a lot more to say, but thought i better stick something up


This week it was more of the same, but this time the viewing points where off the page so allowing you to give more perspective to the drawing, well thats the idea.  The first drawing was an old bound book, which you can see does look like an old style book, result.  One thing i was starting to notice in all my drawings was pressure was an issue – everything had too much of it, so need to hold the pencil lighter to allow a lighter line to be drawn

The second image was tbh ace, drawing an old Roman Arch, the difference this time was we had a cvp or cental visual point, which would allow us to give the feeling of size and to imply that the viewer was standing just off the center of the arch – well thats the plan

You can see the general idea is right, but the finished article is not, a few points spring to mind

  • my old nemisis – press lighter gareth for gods sake, as im typing this I have a red pencil shaped mark on my fingure
  • straight line, have made the arch look small, the arch was made from huge blocks, not small bricks, and not small square bricks
  • the lines, both vertical and paralell have made the arch look small

The trees and scrubs work, but the walls and the ‘chess board’ don’t, perhaps next time leave the walls out and have a Monolith type of thing going on 🙂

The homework challenge drw something else on a table like the book, I went for the Can of Coke route…… its a square can.  I made it too wide to start with and then should have looked more carefully at the neck and bottom of the can, perhaps I should have done the pencil case route.  Was good to try something else thou, so goes down as a failed idea


Well what can I say, I’m an artist honest – stop laughing, ok I can use a pencil….. just

So I was sitting in the class room, waiting to get let loose on Adobe Photshop…. but no 30 mins in and I’m drawing a city landscape, with a little help

Using quite a cleaver trick – well i can it cleaver as I never did Tech Drawing or Art at school, the old LVP and RVP both fixed and every line comes from these 2 points.  Ok my picture was not the best but even my 8yr could see a “tall building”  so result 🙂

The next challenge for this budding artist was a view of the towers but looking straight up, this was a little easier but one point I learnt very quickly is to make sure I choose a good reference point all the whole image will look poor, or simply wrong

The homework ws well to draw a tennis ball… how hard can this be, very if i’m honest.  We had to use a shading technigue called figure 8, which is basically drawing number 8’s with a slight pressure on the pencil to provide the viewer with the ‘feel’ that the ball is shaded.  had a few goes and the following is my best – its a tennis ball i tell you!


Need a better ruler, need a normal pencil not one of these click pencils – they are a waste of time for drawing

I have used some of these fetures before but some are quite new to me and tbh did not enjoy it.  Not sure on the reason for saying that but found some of the procedures a little long winded for a very small change in the image.  The task was enjoyable and some of the features are sweet, esp likes the way you can change the colour of a part of a photo – like the girls hat from red to green.  Can now understand how they ‘touch-up’ things in magazines now – not saying I could do it but at least i know how now 😉

The ‘healing brush’ is a nice feature did nt know what it did before as i had always used the clone brush tool in the past, very impressed in the end result.  Liked the way you get the whole area to sort of blend in, nit like clone when you have to be much more careful to what and were you click

One part i just could not see any difference was the ‘unsharp mask filter’, if i changed the Radius to say 50 then yes it made a massive difference – made the image more vibrante – very much like a LED TV picture.  Have fell foul to the ‘saving the image for printing’ before now, have set and designed basic brochures using Adobe InDesign (don’t ask me how, but i could work myself around the problem – self taught ftw), but have then sent the brochure to print only to receive the proof back and it look nothing like it was meant lol

My finished image, saved ready for 4-colour printing 🙂

Final psd

Beginning the Journey

Well today was the start of all things new, have never used Photoshop before… well thats not true, I have ‘used’ it to cut a shape out but thats it.  So today was good, the Lesson guide in the book Adobe Photoshop CS4 was very simple to understand and its says it takes 90 mins to complete, you could complete it twice in that time scale if im honest.

The main advantage this book has over simular books (have used ‘teach’ yourself books before) is it treats you as a complete novice, even to the point of telling you how access files you will need – this is a massive plus in my books as it tells you the correct route to get the required result, not the ‘oh look i did it route’.

This first lesson, introduces the user to all the menus and some simple commands, which once known will speed up the process – for this old dog that has to be a bonus.  You start with a simple image and by the end of it you have changed the balance of colour of the photo while keeping the original selected part how it started.

The above image we had to select the headlight and then using the ‘curve’ button play with the numbers to get an effect we liked.  Mine shows the headlight on full beam while the rest of the image was darkened

I found the first lesson very easy to get going and was nice to understand what I was trying to do, instead of just knowing that that effect did that result.

Adobe PSD Version