Well today was the start of all things new, have never used Photoshop before… well thats not true, I have ‘used’ it to cut a shape out but thats it.  So today was good, the Lesson guide in the book Adobe Photoshop CS4 was very simple to understand and its says it takes 90 mins to complete, you could complete it twice in that time scale if im honest.

The main advantage this book has over simular books (have used ‘teach’ yourself books before) is it treats you as a complete novice, even to the point of telling you how access files you will need – this is a massive plus in my books as it tells you the correct route to get the required result, not the ‘oh look i did it route’.

This first lesson, introduces the user to all the menus and some simple commands, which once known will speed up the process – for this old dog that has to be a bonus.  You start with a simple image and by the end of it you have changed the balance of colour of the photo while keeping the original selected part how it started.

The above image we had to select the headlight and then using the ‘curve’ button play with the numbers to get an effect we liked.  Mine shows the headlight on full beam while the rest of the image was darkened

I found the first lesson very easy to get going and was nice to understand what I was trying to do, instead of just knowing that that effect did that result.

Adobe PSD Version