I have used some of these fetures before but some are quite new to me and tbh did not enjoy it.  Not sure on the reason for saying that but found some of the procedures a little long winded for a very small change in the image.  The task was enjoyable and some of the features are sweet, esp likes the way you can change the colour of a part of a photo – like the girls hat from red to green.  Can now understand how they ‘touch-up’ things in magazines now – not saying I could do it but at least i know how now 😉

The ‘healing brush’ is a nice feature did nt know what it did before as i had always used the clone brush tool in the past, very impressed in the end result.  Liked the way you get the whole area to sort of blend in, nit like clone when you have to be much more careful to what and were you click

One part i just could not see any difference was the ‘unsharp mask filter’, if i changed the Radius to say 50 then yes it made a massive difference – made the image more vibrante – very much like a LED TV picture.  Have fell foul to the ‘saving the image for printing’ before now, have set and designed basic brochures using Adobe InDesign (don’t ask me how, but i could work myself around the problem – self taught ftw), but have then sent the brochure to print only to receive the proof back and it look nothing like it was meant lol

My finished image, saved ready for 4-colour printing 🙂

Final psd