Well what can I say, I’m an artist honest – stop laughing, ok I can use a pencil….. just

So I was sitting in the class room, waiting to get let loose on Adobe Photshop…. but no 30 mins in and I’m drawing a city landscape, with a little help

Using quite a cleaver trick – well i can it cleaver as I never did Tech Drawing or Art at school, the old LVP and RVP both fixed and every line comes from these 2 points.  Ok my picture was not the best but even my 8yr could see a “tall building”  so result 🙂

The next challenge for this budding artist was a view of the towers but looking straight up, this was a little easier but one point I learnt very quickly is to make sure I choose a good reference point all the whole image will look poor, or simply wrong

The homework ws well to draw a tennis ball… how hard can this be, very if i’m honest.  We had to use a shading technigue called figure 8, which is basically drawing number 8’s with a slight pressure on the pencil to provide the viewer with the ‘feel’ that the ball is shaded.  had a few goes and the following is my best – its a tennis ball i tell you!


Need a better ruler, need a normal pencil not one of these click pencils – they are a waste of time for drawing