This week it was more of the same, but this time the viewing points where off the page so allowing you to give more perspective to the drawing, well thats the idea.  The first drawing was an old bound book, which you can see does look like an old style book, result.  One thing i was starting to notice in all my drawings was pressure was an issue – everything had too much of it, so need to hold the pencil lighter to allow a lighter line to be drawn

The second image was tbh ace, drawing an old Roman Arch, the difference this time was we had a cvp or cental visual point, which would allow us to give the feeling of size and to imply that the viewer was standing just off the center of the arch – well thats the plan

You can see the general idea is right, but the finished article is not, a few points spring to mind

  • my old nemisis – press lighter gareth for gods sake, as im typing this I have a red pencil shaped mark on my fingure
  • straight line, have made the arch look small, the arch was made from huge blocks, not small bricks, and not small square bricks
  • the lines, both vertical and paralell have made the arch look small

The trees and scrubs work, but the walls and the ‘chess board’ don’t, perhaps next time leave the walls out and have a Monolith type of thing going on 🙂

The homework challenge drw something else on a table like the book, I went for the Can of Coke route…… its a square can.  I made it too wide to start with and then should have looked more carefully at the neck and bottom of the can, perhaps I should have done the pencil case route.  Was good to try something else thou, so goes down as a failed idea