This chapter is all about selection tools, introducing some familuar ones and some new ones (well ones I choose not to use in a past life)

We started with a image containing 7 items, and by the end 6 of the items would be moved and placed on or around the cutting board.  The first item to get moved was a Tomato, this was selected using (imo is the best tool) the quick selection tool.  With this I just moved it into the red and clicked and the tool just selected the whole tomato.  I then moved it onto the cutting board using the ‘move tool’.

The next tool that got a work out was the ‘elliptical marquee tool’, this was just dragged across the bowl of olives, and hitting the sapcebar at the same time to keep the shape.  This was moved differently to the first item, this was just moved by moving the cursor across the selected bowl and then pressing Ctrl you can move the bowl to the selected area on the chopping board.  A nice ability was the ability to move the item either 1px at a time or 10px at a time, this gives you a more precise ability in placing the object

The next bit was quite clever also, selected an image moved it and then changed the colour by just selecting image – adjustments – invert.  Very nice effect, like a sort of negative.  Then I needed 2 more of the same image but slightly bigger each time, uselly when you try to enlarge an object you run the risk of changing the shape, but just holding down the shift key while you re-sized the image kept the new image to the same shape as it got bigger – ok doing this on a laptop was interesting, but long boney fingers for the win.

Now my fav tool, the ‘magic wand tool’, you just click on the item and by some magic only the wanted image is selected.  Ok not by magic, but al long as your image is darker than the background it works very well, you can stick a rectangular marquee around the image to help with the selection process

The next tool to play with is the ‘lasso tools’  tbh i’m not a fan of these and what they can do can be done by other tools, I had to cut a carrot out so due to the shape the lasso tools work ok, but as its on a darker background I just used the ‘quick selection tool’ much quicker and easier.  Once this was cut out we had to rotate the image and place it on the cutting board.

Not used this tool before and tbh now I have used it I don’t know why, as ok its use is not often, but its so easy and precise to cut out a strange shape, esp when the object is on a two tone background, where something like the magic wand would struggle finding the edge.  You just move your pointer around the object, dont need to hold anything but the image is surrounded by a lasso as you move, then when your done just double click and your done, very nice

To finish of the new image I just cropped it using the ‘crop tool’ was meant to leave some of the ‘cut out image marks’ but I was able to cut out very close to what I needed so no need to use any ‘paint’ or ‘clone’ tools.  The next part was to make the image look like it was meant to be like this all the time, so I played with the edge of the images and applied a soft drop shadow to each of the new layers.

One thing i noticed was when i saved my layers i was left with a black logo in the layer window – there was not one in the book, so im guessing it shows its on a black background? or something?

Have to say this chapter was much easier to follow and work with than Chapter 2, a couple of the short cuts where fun on a laptop, felt like i needed an extra finger or at least the ability to bend it a different way 🙂

Finished Chapter 3 PSD