This chapter I found very time consuming and very long winded.  The whole idea of making a mask is a great idea and this chapter could have been handled by the writers in a much less over powering way, instead of the very fast tempo approach.

The ability to be able to create a mask of image is a fantastic feature, as it allows you to save time by allowing you to come back to the selection atbig plus if you are making lots of changes.  With this chapter making the mask was a quite simple selection, just used the quick mask tool, and then inverted the image then made it a layer.

Once the mask was made you had to refine it, by removing any plants etc from the buddha, this was done using a combination of the quick selection tool and the lasso tool.  This was the part that took an age to do.  Once you got into it thou it was not too bad, esp when you found out you could add to the original mask as well as take away from it – so was able to get a near perfect buddha.

The next stage was quite easy, moving the temple layer so to re-postion it in the image, adding a filter (water) to the image to give it a strange look, but once the paper had been added to the top and bottom of the image, recoloured to a lovely purple it started to blend in.

Adding the text was a neat feature, just made the text box layer, and then placed it ontop of the original paper so allowing the ‘sand’ colour to come through – before i changed the colour.  Then it was just a case of sticking my name on the bottom and it was done.  In the end I did find it a good chapter, just the buddha part took to long to do.


After re-doing this chapter for a second time, I found it a lot easier to do, now I know some shortcuts, and found the use of masks very useful indeed – and the trick of how to do the text colour has also come in use.

Final psd