For this chapter we had to make a lable for a bottle of Olive Oil, to help us we had to use the ruler feature to help posttioning the text, I have used the ruler before but never got it to work right, but on this chapter it was a bigger problem.  My problem was when ever I use the ruler it would stick numbers up across and down the page, fine, but the book would say postion text at 3.5″ in, but on my display this would stick the text no where near the right spot, so I just had to add each dimension to the edge of MY image and got it right.  I found the ‘warping point tool’ very useful tbh, and it will help me with the poster as i have simular text that will need playing with.   Overall a nice chapter, not too much new stuff but using old friends again, so was quite enjoyable.

Also compleated the extra credit task, by just editing the smart image and changing the size to 32FL Ounces

Final psd   Extra Credit psd