At first I found this chapter a struggle, a bit complicated for the end result.  Once I had had a chat with Ian about it the use of the pen tool started to make sense.  The selection process was ok, if a little fiddly but once done I just created a new layer and used the layer copy option.  this then allowed the saucer to be moved over the background.  I then had to use the pen tool again to make the curve, and then trying to keep understanding the book, i managed to cut out the star – but again the book was worded wrong, so made it a lot harder than it needed to be.  The last part was to make the copyright text and drop that into the final image and we are done.

The pen tool once i got the hand of it, and used it a bit more, helped me loads with a process in the movie poster – so not all a bad thing in the end.  Another tool that i liked a lot was the free transform tool, used it that often I can even remember the short cut lol (CTRL+T) used it to rotate the saucer and also keeping ‘shift’ pressed kept the thing in scale.

Final psd