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The background was set as the space image (Image source: The lego bricks are taken from the official web site.  Once the individual images had been cut out using mostly the quick selection tool, I decided to make it easier for myself and created folders for each group of items, so had a folder
for text, bricks, can etc.

The most challenging and fun part for me once ‘playing’ with the film title ‘The Block Wars’.  I decided to make it look stricking and as I’m a Sci-fi fan decided to go for that sort of styling.  This was a good test as it was a case of looking into each of the blending options.  Once the basic style was done, I created a second layer and reversed the styling so to give the shadow effect, the text still did not look ‘right’ so i decided to change the background to the one listed above, and then decided to do a couple of boxes to sort of edge the name.  This looked a lot better, once i was happy with the style i then copied it using the ‘alt’ key and dragged it over the other titles.

The ‘standard’ movie poster credits i just wanted them to stand out so used a outer glow effect and set it to a red – gave the best look as it was over the different coloured bricks at the bottom of the page.  The bricks needed some darking as some of them where too bright, this was done by doing the effect ‘Inner Shadow’.  In this options I increased the ‘distance’ and changed the opacity to give an overall darker look.  Once this was done the Legoman looked wrong, so did the same effect until he blended into the image better.

The movie classfication was taken from the offical BBFC site, and was again just cut out using the quick selection tool, and then used the refine edge option, to get a fuller image.

I quite enjoyed doing the movie poster, and thought choosing my own idea for a movie poster would allow me to use more features of PS and allow me to show some of the skills I have learnt during the module.  I felt if I just went and did a real movie and then just ‘cut/shut’ my image onto a ‘real’ poster would not have given a fair chance to display my PS knowledge.

Final PSD Image


I decided to use an image in typical blue peter style ‘here’s one I did earlier’, this can of coke was from our class drawing lessons.  I imported it using adobe bridge (which is a great part of the PS software made this assignment very easy – as you can show a few images at a time).  Once the image had been uploaded i had to cut it out, so used the quick selection tool to get the basic shape of the can.  To apply the colour we used the polygonal lasso to make the selection, then used the paint bucket tool to fill the shape, did this 3 times for the for the 3 sections.  I removed the original ‘hand written’ text and replaced it with the adobe text tool – used the magic wand tool to remove it.

The final can after it had been coloured and shaped

Running Man

To start the ball rollling, I needed a lego man that looked like he was running…. this was not an easy find, so what I did in the end was to find a suitable image that i could use PS on.

I found the following image, on a blog, it was from someone that had made a 3d version of the legoman

Image Source

I had to cut the guy out to get him on a transparent background, this was done with the Quick Selection Tool, and then cut and pasted onto a new file.  The next challenge was to move his leg,  used the Quick Selection Tool again, once I had his leg I made a second layer and rotated the leg to make it look like he was running.  Finl job was to zoom in and remove any black from the edge.  As the image was not finished, I choose to flatten the image to make it easier to use.



Bank Holiday Images

Been spending some time searching on google for some good images, making sure my search settings are set to large so getting resuts back that will be ok to s downsize for my posted – nothing worse than making a smaller image bigger and it go all blurery (good english tonight)

Getting a good collection so will start playing with them this week, so should have a good feel for a poster by the end of it – well thats the plan, but have some exam I need to cram for so might stop the design process

On the hand drawn aspect, I think i might use my ‘square cola can’ and stick some colour on it and see how that looks….

Idea confirmed…

For this part of the module, I have decided to do a poster based on the kids toy LEGO

The ‘movie’ poster will be called ‘Block Wars’ and with the tag line ‘don’t loose your head’.  The idea is to have a lego man running across the poster with lego blocks falling down, then to meet the requirments of the module my face will be on a loose ‘lego head’.  Idea will also have a horizon line allowing the main figure to appear in the foreground with blocks falling around this figure.

Also need to sort something out for the hand drawn part….. not sure what yet

The credits for the movie will be shown at the bottom of the poster, will upload some sketches showing this idea before starting the ‘adobe’ part.

Have started thinking about some ideas, even thou I’m not sure what route to go as yet, starting to think I might do a made up film poster…..  Thinking maybe a kids film….. have a catch phase bouncing around my head atm, but need to look more into seeing if I can do what I want to be able to do to pull it off

Reasons for this is I think I will be able to play a little more with the poster, not sold on the idea as yet thou, need to read more of the ‘In Class’ book to see if I can do what I think I need to be able to do……

Not a lot more to say, but thought i better stick something up