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Idea confirmed…

For this part of the module, I have decided to do a poster based on the kids toy LEGO

The ‘movie’ poster will be called ‘Block Wars’ and with the tag line ‘don’t loose your head’.  The idea is to have a lego man running across the poster with lego blocks falling down, then to meet the requirments of the module my face will be on a loose ‘lego head’.  Idea will also have a horizon line allowing the main figure to appear in the foreground with blocks falling around this figure.

Also need to sort something out for the hand drawn part….. not sure what yet

The credits for the movie will be shown at the bottom of the poster, will upload some sketches showing this idea before starting the ‘adobe’ part.


Have started thinking about some ideas, even thou I’m not sure what route to go as yet, starting to think I might do a made up film poster…..  Thinking maybe a kids film….. have a catch phase bouncing around my head atm, but need to look more into seeing if I can do what I want to be able to do to pull it off

Reasons for this is I think I will be able to play a little more with the poster, not sold on the idea as yet thou, need to read more of the ‘In Class’ book to see if I can do what I think I need to be able to do……

Not a lot more to say, but thought i better stick something up